Ezz is originally a banker, practiced banking inside major banks, he has L.L.B. and bachelor of commerce as well and he can merge both of commercial studies with law practice to get best results in banking industry, we are defending banks in disputes with clients and in disputes between banks too.
Our Egypt, UAE, Abu Dhabi, Dubai finance, banking lawyers worked and practiced banking inside major banks, big customers and banks rely on our banking expertise in their disputes with other banks regarding banking transaction like money transfer, collection, L/c, L/G and credit disputes, L/C, and L/G, BG disputes- L/c means letters of credits, – L/G means letters of Guarantees-, BG means Bank guarantee, performance bonds, advance payment guarantee in construction, we are working with businesses who are operating in various sectors and industries ranging from property to creative industries to retail, import, export and construction, We could help so many banks and clients to settle disputes in Abu Dhabi , Dubai, and Egypt, by settling disputes amicably, by settlement we save both of creditors and debtors.