Ezz has a renowned Insurance and reinsurance team of lawyers & arbitrators based in our Egypt Cairo and U.A., Dubai & Abu Dhabi, office which allows us to offer clients flexibility in rates and fee proposals. We are, therefore, able to provide exceptional service standards, quality advice and value for money.

Clients who refer to us as being the best Insurance lawyers in Abu Dhabi, Dubai UAE, Cairo Egypt, Who have best defense in Accidents, Aviation, Casualty, health care abuse, advising on fighting Fraud & corruption, medical malpractice like mis-coding or up-coding in health insurance claims, we are the best compensation lawyers in aero-planes, cars and boats accidents .

There are lawyers within the team from “top” insurance practices, who have excellent experience of the market and the insurance industry. We believe this provides us with a distinct, competitive edge to continue to consolidate our success and development in this area to reinsurers, brokers, and receivers.